Shrink Film Artwork Guidelines

Shrink Labels is committed for giving the best possible quality of shrink sleeves to its customers. However, the purpose of laying down the guidelines for our patron regarding shrink film artwork guidelines is quite simple to get every possible detail from the customers’ end and serve them up to utmost level. There lies some necessary information that must be provided by the consumers to get maximum benefit of shrink wrap. Our creative team is able to identify the same and has thrown some light on the issues. 

What We Require from You? 

Heat shrink films are supposed to be the best material for packaging and everyone seconds this fact. The set of following information helps Shrink Labels to serve you optimally: 

·         The complete contact details of our esteemed client is necessary for us as we can get in touch for any query related to various aspects of shrink wrap. Email id, contact number along with complete address will aid us a lot in assisting you.

·         The shape, size, layer types, traps, etc. should be mentioned in detail.

·         We are a tech savvy organization and will appreciate the designs in Adobe Illustrator. The design can be mailed to us or couriered in CD or zip disk. The format of the pictures should be TIFF, PSD or EPS for easy and clear accessibility.

·         The scanned image is preferred in colour and the printout taken by drum printer or scanner as they ensure a real image of the design. We request you not to use inkjet printer for taking printout.

For Calculating Design Area: 

It must be decided by the product lay flat (LF) and cut length (CT). If the lay flat is less than 100 mm, the addition of 3mm is recommended which becomes 4mm for lay flat of more than 100mm.

Design Area = LF x 2 + 3 or 4mm (Depending upon LF)

Similarly, clear area can also be defined and this is usually 2mm minimum. The side margin of 2.5mm should always be taken as no copy area. It is also advisable to have a clear idea of seam and fold areas. For using off centre fold, we recommend 18-20% of the lay flat (LF). All the necessary information regarding shrinkable sleeves ensures optimum use of resources with cheap prices. The usual information other than design part is also important for the execution of labels. The clearer and better the information is passed on to us, better results can be seen during execution. 

Shrink Labels has been in packaging industry for more than three decades. With our talented employee base and innovative approach, we are able to crack every challenge in shrink label industry. We are always here to provide our customers extra-ordinary services.

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