Rotogravure Printed Shrink Film


Shrink film has obviously become an inseparable part of packaging industry. Whatever be the product - heat shrink label, printed or plain shrink label, tamper evident seal or bag etc - any of the mentioned packaging material will be used in packing. We, at Shrink Labels, with our head quarters at United Kingdom, have been working in the packaging industry for last three decades. Since its inception in 1980, we have dedicated ourselves for ameliorating the practices used in label printing and edifying the quality of final produce. Shrink sleeves with their heating property is gelled with the bottle or any other shape, giving an impact of eternal attraction. They increase the attractiveness of the product container in a reasonable price, which eventually becomes the reason of their wide use.    

Printed Films with us:

Printed sleeves are in vogue for quite some time. Shrink wrapping has its own salient attributes which make it the first preference among the industry peers. Shrink Labels use the latest printing machines for production of printed labels and stickers. The benefits of printing with us are as follows:

·         We can print up to nine colors on our rotogravure printing machine. The label printing process uses stepwise approach, which ensures optimal use of resources and best possible quality.

·         For meticulous print quality, we utilize etched cylinders to create designs.

·         The selection of ink during the printing process is of utmost importance. Shrink Labels use solvent ink, which dries itself immediately once the process of printing has been commenced.

·         Printing machines are kept under complete supervision during the process of printing. Frequent visits are done by expert professionals during the whole course of label making.

·         We have huge production capacity, which vouches for the completion of giant projects on time.

Other than above mentioned printed shrink films, following also comprise of our product catalogue:

·         Shrink Sleeves

·         Tamper evident seals or bags

·         Full body shrink sleeves

·         Plain stickers

The list is endless as we deal in almost all kinds of packaging materials. Customized products along with customized services have been our specialty for eons. Rotogravure printing machine used by Shrink Labels take our quality and production capacity to newer amplitude.

Although there are plenty of shrink film producers in the market, our following salient features make us first choice among the industry leaders:

·         Dedicated and experienced professional team

·         Lowest price still highest quality

·         Our 24x7 assistance to our consumers

·         Customer-centric approach


Customized printed shrink sleeves is the forte of Shrink Labels’ citadel. The excellent raw material used for production gives fabulous output. A simple click on our website and all your worries regarding the prices will be vanished.

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