Shrink Sleeve Q & A


Shrink Labels with its more than 30 years of experience has been able to identify the basic criterion, which should be taken into care before choosing the type and design of shrink sleeve. However, it is true that heat shrink sleeving is one of the most famous methods used for packaging, some basic questions remain answered for the consumers. The motto of this page to answer some of the basic quarries of the consumers before choosing shrink sleeves.

We advice to ask following questions to yourselves before getting shrink labels printed.

·         Type and size of container you are looking to seal. You must consider it carefully as it is the most vital point in the whole process.


·         Are you looking for full body shrink sleeves for bottles or need a partial cover for the same? Shrink sleeve labels come in different sizes to fulfill individual requirements of the customer.


·         Is this a single product that has to be sealed or a bunch? Different processes are used for different products.


·         What is the type of material being used as a container or vessel? Metal, non-metal or plastic? It definitely plays a pivotal point in designing and printing of shrink sleeve.


·         The type of protection being used - Shrink labels or tamper evident bags. It depends upon the purpose of heat shrink sleeveing.


·         Mention the quantity of the product you are planning to get printed. It is always advisable to have the lot size in mind as it helps the products to identify the cost and process time of label production.


·         In case of tamper evident seals, we request to kindly specify the type of tamper proofing you are looking for.


·         Color and other specification? The whole set of specification should be provided to us as that assists us in smooth processing. However, in case of plain shrink films, same is not valid.

We will have a better idea of the desired labels before printing if a sample of the same can be sent to us. The unambiguous design or the product to be covered by sleeve labels gives better picture of logo to be produced. Other than the above said constraints, some additional facts that should be mentioned during the processing time are as follows:


·         Do you need stickers before the standard delivery period? If yes, mention the same and help us to help you.


·         Any special instruction other than the usual ones? Please mention the same at the time of placing the order itself so that it can be implemented at initial stages.

We, at Shrink Labels, would be happy to serve you. So, give us a call for any other querries.


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