Measuring Shrink Films


Shrink film is one of the most widely used packaging materials in today’s era. However, the users of shrink film go through many challenges. Apart from finding suitable supplier in terms of price as well as quality, the second biggest hurdle in the way appears to be shrink film measurement. Shrink Labels is a group of people determined to facilitate its patron in every possible way. We are serving packaging needs of the industry since 1980. Shrink Labels produce heat shrink labels, printed shrink labels, plain labels, customized stickers, taper evident shrink labels etc.


We have a dedicated page for calculating the length and other factors involved in shrink film. For shrink film measurement, we elaborate the formulae below.  




Layflats = Diameter in millimeters + 2 millimeters x 1.57


Example is as follows:

Layflats = 80 + 2 = 82mm x 1.57 = 128.74 mm


It is advisable to round off up to last integer such as 129 mm in above case. If the diameter comes out in inches, it can be converted into millimeters with the assistance of below mentioned formula:


Millimeters = Inches x 25.4


For example - 10 inches would come out to be 10 x 25.4 mm = 254 mm.


For converting millimeters into inches, reverse process should be applied.


Inches = Millimeters / 25.4


For example - 500 mm = 500/25.4 mm = 19.68 inches


The diameter can be known if the circumference is known, as it is based upon simple arithmetic. The process and formula are as follows:


Diameter = Circumference / 3.1417


For example if the circumference is 500 mm, diameter = 500/3.1417 = 159.149 mm


In the above-mentioned formula, it is evident if the circumference is given in inches, the diameter would come in inches too which can be converted into meters or millimeters upon requirement.


Some other conversion formulae:


Per M to thousand Meters

Qty x 1000= KM


The prices can be known in the same manner. However, we have found that calculating shipping weight is obviously a tedious job. For simplifying the same, we can use the formula written below:


Shipping Weight = KM x LF x MIL x 2.8 x 2.2046 = Weight


The example of the same can be:

6 KM x 66mm x .06mm x 2.8 x 2.2046 x 1.05 = 154.00 lbs


All of the above formulae are used in shrink film measurement. Measurement of shrink film done with the assistance of above formulae is accurate. The calculation can be used to place an order as the quantity, price along with every technical detail is known to the customer.


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Apart from the above-mentioned calculation help, we offer a range of products in packaging industry. The experienced staff of Shrink Labels assists in designing of the stickers. “The lowest price and highest quality” motto hurls us in the arena of success. We are here to help you; just click on our website and get a call.

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