Measuring Cap Shrink Bands


Packaging has become one of the most luring points for the customers. However, the packaging is not always done only for luring; tamper evident labels are used to protect the product from tampering. They seal the product although they are very easy to remove still it is a herculean task to replace them after breaking the seal. Due to this property, these labels are also known as tamper evident seals.

Shrink Labels is a UK based company dealing in heat shrink sleeves since 1980. Heat shrink caps, shrink labels, full body shrink labels, plain stickers, customized printed shrink labels etc - all of the said items fall in our product matrix.

Standard cap size measurement:


Bottle Cap Dia at largest point

Recommended shrink band width


25 mm

45.5 mm


26 mm

47 mm


27 mm

49 mm


28 mm

51 mm


29 mm

52 mm


30 mm

53.5 mm


31 mm

55 mm


32 mm

56.5 mm


33 mm

58 mm


34 mm

60 mm


35 mm

61.5 mm


36 mm

63 mm


37 mm

64.5 mm


38 mm

66 mm


39 mm

67.5 mm


40 mm

69 mm


41 mm

71 mm


42 mm

72.5 mm


43 mm

74 mm


44 mm

75.5 mm


45 mm

77 mm


46 mm

78.5 mm


47 mm

80 mm


48 mm

82 mm


49 mm

83.5 mm


50 mm

85 mm


51 mm

86.5 mm


52 mm

88 mm


53 mm

89.5 mm


60 mm

103 mm


70 mm

120 mm


89 mm

153 mm


100 mm

172 mm



After going through this page, you would be able to measure accurate sizes of labels for heat shrink caps. Different sizes are there for different products in the industry. Some of the common sizes and recommended shrink bandwidth is written above. In case of white safety cap, the measurement comes different. The shape and diameter accordingly are written below:

White Safety Caps (CRC) 

24 CRC

52 mm

28 CRC

57 mm

33 CRC

66 mm

38 CRC

72 mm

45 CRC

85 mm

53 CRC

99 mm


Commonly, the sizes of tamper evident labels or caps are defined with the help of above standard list. Shrink wrapping being one of the most common techniques used for sealing has now become vertebrata of the packaging industry. Along with the shrink wraps, there are plenty of methods used for product packaging and distinguishing. 

Heat Shrink Sleeves with us: 

Shrink Labels has proved its mettle time and again. Our customer-oriented approach and cost-competitive strategies have helped us to achieve the pinnacle of customer’s trust. Our experienced and innovative employees are asset for us, which every company covets for.  Want to know more? Give us a call, we are here for you always.

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