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Shrink Labels has been doing the business of heat shrink sleeves since 1980. The company has performed tremendously during these three decades and has developed itself manifold. However, our success is not any rocket science. The customer focused services have assisted us to get the desired zenith every organization looks for. Quality printed labels, heat shrink sleeves, tamper evident sleeves, etc have been the second name of Shrink Labels. We design a label if customer desires, customize it as per your need, do a sample run and eventually get it glued on the desired surface. Our consistent performance has helped us to get into the list of most coveted sticker suppliers of packaging industry.

Do It Differently:

Our label printing services can be sub-dived into many sub parts, yet each part aims at maximizing the efficiency. The whole process is designed to give the product at the cheapest price with highest quality possible. We follow following steps during the entire process:

·        Shrink sleeves are designed to the optimal state. If the design is provided from the customer’s end, the feasibility of the same is checked and conveyed to the concern department.

·        We use the latest technology such as litho and flexo designing. Each step is so comprised and the channel of communication is kept open for the patrons.

·        Shrink Labels use graphic design optimization technique so that the graphics come up to the utmost level. The process ensures optimal colour selection and quality.

·        We use advance proofing technology during the finishing steps. Shrink sleeves printing uses state-of-art technology for packaging services. The colour management system is one of the best technologies we use for stickers printing. We humbly announce colour management process as a vital part of the whole process.

However, it is not only the technology that puts Shrink Labels ahead of its competitors. Our customer-orientated approach, low cost, high quality standards - these are some of the salient attributes we are proud of. We give our customers ample reasons to prefer us over the other label manufacturers:

·        We have an experienced team having a mixture of enthusiastic as well as veterans. Any intricate shape bottle can be labelled by us in the desired format. The heat shrink labels we produce are at par with the world class quality; lower cost of production being an added advantage.

·        The shrink sleeves we produce have longer life than others. They last till the product lasts. As they are produced with environment factors being taken care, they produce lesser damage to the atmosphere when disposed.

·        Our technologically advanced website and order placing system become a luring point for our existing clients.

Packaging should create its own brand. Wondering how? Come and see it happening!!! 

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