Tamper Evident Sleeves


The importance of effective appearance should never be ignored. However, more the sophisticated product more is the need to get the shrink sleeve labels. Heat shrink sleeve labels are the stickers which basically function on the principal of heat property of the material used. Shrink Labels is assisting the industry through customized production of shrink sleeve labels since 1980. We are located in UK and have a worldwide presence. We have full capacity, expertise and infrastructure to produce almost all imaginable logos - our real forte.

Tamper Evident Sleeves with us:

Tamper evident sleeves are also known as neck band sleeves. Tamper evident packaging is not new for the wiser marketers as they are into use from quite long time. The real motto behind tamper evident seals is to save the product from tampering. The tamper evident seals for bottles let the customer know that the bottle is fresh and has not been used till the time it is handed over to its owner. The best feature of these seals is they can easily be removed but their replacement becomes quite difficult. Some of the salient features that tamper evident seals offer are as follows:

·         Tamper evident labels prevent poisoning of foreign material in the bottles. The other type of these labels is tamper evident bags. However, purpose of both is same and that is to prevent tampering.

·         Tamper evident sleeves come in different options. They can be printed or non-printed if required. The colour of the sleeve can be matched with rest of the body of the container or bottle.

·         The seals serve for long time. They are easily removable yet durable.

·         The seals can be used for metals, non metals or plastics. The material used for making these seals is made compatible with the vessel.

·         If one needs to protect the identity of its brand, it can also be exposed in case of tamper evident seals.

The sizes and shapes of these seals can be made according to the size of the container and bottle. The physical properties of the material of sleeve and vessel are also given due consideration.

Sleeves and We:

Shrink Labels is one of the oldest companies in manufacturing shrink sleeves. The full body shrink sleeves working on the principal of heat are our specialty. In this world of cut throat competition, Shrink Labels has made its own identity due to following attributes:

·         It is evident that no organization can grow without expert team. Our professional and innovative team is an asset for us.

·         Due to our innovative techniques, we are able to keep our production cost low which is eventually passed on to our customers.

Shrink Labels believe in the philosophy of customer-oriented practices, a quality that separates us from others.

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