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Shrink Films


PVC shrink films are being used for multiple purposes in today’s era. Gone are the days when PVC was only utilized for making carry bags only; the urge of continuous maximum resource utilization has made it first choice among the packaging industry personnel. We, at Shrink Labels, are striving to carry on the legacy left by great innovators of packaging industry since 1980. Shrink film bags, polyethylene shrink film, pvc shrink wrap etc are various products we deal into. We do not treat shrink sleeve films as a raw material for packaging; it’s the source of continuous improvement and innovation for Shrink Labels.

Why Shrink Labels?

Shrink sleeve films is not a new product for the industry. It is being used as a packaging material for various containers, bottles, etc. for years. The required label is printed on the shrink film and this film is cut into shapes as required by the producer. Plastic shrink film has the property of heating. The heat when applied on the label, the label gets embossed on the surface of the bottle or container. This gives a beautiful finish which is the first step towards converting a need into sales. We have listed the reasons why PVC shrink films should be utilized over other packaging materials:

·         The plastic shrink film made labels which can be adhered with almost any intricate shaped object. This gives it upper edge over other methods.

·         Shrink film rolls can be used to produce any design. The design can be gelled with the surface of the product’s container.

·         The cost of this kind of packaging is virtually nothing. This is one of the most successful methods being used for packaging.

Shrink film bags give an elegant and attractive look to the outer appearance to the product. As the label is easily glued to the surface of the container without using the adhesive, it gives a long lasting impact as a label. The label ends only when the product ends or the vessel is disposed.

Shrink Films with Shrink Labels: 

Shrink Labels with its continuous striving ability has made it own niche market in the industry. We have a long list of our clientele and successful repeat orders. Our patron gets following advantages by choosing us over our competitors:

·         More than 30 years experience in the pvc shrink wrap label manufacturing gives us upper edge over others. Our dedicated team members are a boon for our growth.

·         We can use shrink film rolls labels on almost every size and shape. The cost of applying these is comparatively nothing. Our various attributes compel our clients to recommend us for shrink film packaging. 

Shrink film bags manufacturing is not only our business; it’s our passion.


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