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Appearance does make a difference. We are convinced it does. Be it the ‘handle with care’ label price logo or plain stickers for writing any instructions; they all have become a mandatory part of any product packaging. However, different types of products available demand different stickers. The recent types of logos being used include self adhesive labels. Shrink Labels is an organization serving the demand of plain as well as printed self adhesive labels since 1980.

Adhesive Labels with us:

Adhesive labels are in demand for a long time. The growing demand of custom self adhesive labels instigated Shrink Labels to jump into the pool of adhesive labels and came out as a winner. Printed adhesive labels are self sufficient to cater the need of packaging and instructions. They come into different types such as:

·        Plain labels - They can be used to write instructions or any other necessary details over the packing of product.

·        Printed labels - They are already printed labels such as ‘tested OK’, price label, etc. The message over the label can be customized as one wishes to.

·        Some of the adhesive labels come in various sizes so that they can be applied on particular shapes.

However, self adhesive product stickers and labels have a sleuth of advantages over normal stickers. We try to highlight some of the attributes which make them an obvious choice:

·        They are permanent in nature. They cannot be peeled off from the product packaging so they last till the product lasts.

·        Adhesive stickers labels are waterproof and can be pasted over any surface be it a piece of paper or metallic sheet.

·        Printed adhesive labels come in various shapes suiting to the requirement of customers such as oval, rectangular, etc.

·        The colour combination of these waterproof self adhesive labels is countless. They can be customized as per the theme, target audience and purpose of the stickers.

These adhesive stickers cater to almost every need of the consumers. The growing demand of these stickers is a proof in itself of the above said fact. The price of producing a custom self adhesive label is reasonable enough.

How we help?

We have been one of the major players of label manufacturing industry. Shrink Labels virtually produces every label such as heat shrink label, self adhesive label, etc. We entrust following qualities for our huge success:

·        Our talented workforce striving to make innovative processes for maximum resource utilization.

·        Our cost-competitive prices with the world class quality products.

·        Our on-time delivery and commitment to fulfil our every claim regarding deliver period, quality, guarantee and other parameters. We make the stickers as you require.

Connect to Shrink Labels and testify it.

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