Printed Shrink Sleeves


Shrink Labels is an organization functioning in the field of industrial packaging materials since 1980. We are one of the most eminent names in printed shrink sleeves committed to continuously improve the level of packaging material quality and techniques.

Custom printed heat shrink labels are the most common packaging materials being used nowadays. These labels are easy to get compatible with the material of the container or any other device being used for storage of a particular produce. Printed shrink wrap label easily gets gelled with the outer shape of the container and gives it an eternal embossing feel. Printed sleeves have been a rage in the industry for quite some time. These are cut into different shapes according to the need of the container, bottle, etc and the cut parts are put over the surface of the product’s container and heat property of these labels make it attractive. Printed sleeves packaging has many uses such as on cosmetic bottles, containers or any other intricate shapes.

We and Printed Shrink Sleeves:

Shrink Labels has a wide range of experience in printed sleeve packaging industry. However, it is not necessary to have only printed sleeves. The labels can also be plain shrink sleeves as required. The benefits of custom printed sleeves can be listed as follows:

·        The design of the print can easily be copied on the surface. It is the heat property of printed shrink film that makes it easily glued with the outer surface of the container. As the printing is done on the outer surface of printed sleeves, it is not de-shaped after application on the bottle or container.

·        The pricing of custom printed heat shrink is almost nothing as compared to the other methods of packaging used in normal packaging industry.

·        They last until the product lasts. So, printed shrink wrap label can also be used as an indirect way of marketing.

·        They can be used on intricate shapes ranging from simple jars to intricate bottles. This is one of the most amazing features that put printed sleeves packaging ahead of other packaging methods. 

Shrink Labels is one of the most promising organizations in printed as well as plain shrink sleeve packaging. We can get the label on almost every surface be it metal or non-metal with minimal cost. The promotional heat shrink labels are also made on demand.

Additional Advantages with us:

We second the fact that our experience of more than three decades has helped us to grow in the packaging industry. Along with experience, it is the dedicated team of professionals, continuous innovation, cost-effectiveness and customer-oriented approach, which has hurled us into the arena of most successful organization of packaging industry.

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