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Plain Shrink Sleeve


The packaging has evolved in the recent times. Be it a simple plastic bottle or an intricate shaped perfume container - good and attractive packaging has always been the vantage point of skilled marketers. Shrink sleeves have long replaced the traditional packaging materials. Shrink sleeve is an effective packaging method used for leaving long lasting impact on the consumers. Shrink Labels is a UK based company running successfully since 1980 in the field of industrial heat shrink labels industry. We are one of the biggest companies of packaging industry.

Plastic Packaging:

Plastic packaging is not a new concept in the industry. But shrink sleeves having heating properties is definitely one of the most modern techniques. While printed shrink sleeve has its own fruits, the utility of plain shrink sleeve cannot be definitely ignored. The packaging label most of the times is printed as per the requirement while plain labels are most of the times used for food packaging. Some of the most promising uses of plain shrink sleeves are listed below:

·         The plain shrink sleeves are used for packing desired materials such as threads, food item, machine, equipment etc.

·         If they are imbibed with the heating property of material being used, they function as heat shrink sleeves. The difference is the functioning - heat shrink sleeves do not possess any requirement of adhesive as they glue themselves with the outer surface of container when a little bit of heat is applied.

·         They are most widely known as plastic packaging material. These shrink sleeves are wrapped around the surface of the material to be packed and thus serve the purpose of compact and attractive packaging.

·         If required, plain shrink sleeves can be made self adhesive or without adhesive. Most of the packaging suppliers give self adhesive type of plain shrink sleeve.

The numerous uses of shrink sleeves have definitely made it the most popular choice among industry peers and the growing demand of plastic packaging material is a living testimony of the same.

What extra we offer?

Shrink Labels is a pioneer of packaging industry since its inception. Our customer-oriented approach, low price and ready availability of the material have assisted us to reach the apogee of success. We offer following attributes as compared to our competitors in the industry:

·         Talented employees always ready to innovate

·         Shrink Labels offers 24x7 support to its patron

·         Our policy of ‘lowest price - highest quality’

·         We deliver almost everywhere in the world.

We promise to listen to our customers very carefully irrespective of their order size!! After all, we are here to make long-term relationships and not short-term gains.

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