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Stickers are in existence from eons. Wherever there will be any product, there will be a sticker on its surface depicting its specifications such as price, technical feature, etc. However, the evolution of niche market requires personalized stickers and that is where we come into picture.

Shrink Labels is a company dealing in shrink sleeves packaging materials since 1980. We deal in different types of heat shrink sleeves including personalized labels catering to specific needs of our patron. Be it personalized labels for bottles, containers, oval shaped vessels etc, we have every technical expertise to fulfil the demand.

Get Personalized:

The industry has become competitive over a period of time. To cope up with prevalent cut-throat competition, we need customer-oriented services and products. Personalized name labels are vigorously used almost everywhere. The attributes which make personalized sticker labels a rage are as follows:

·         They are easy to design and implement. The personalized labels and stickers give the marketer an upper edge. They can be used wherever required.

·         Personalized name labels can be made on demand to cater a particular need of a consumer. The printing over these logos may contain name, address or other details if required.

·         Personal stickers come into various sizes such as rectangular, oval and many more. Depending upon the requirement, the design is made and can be pasted over intricate sizes.

·         Although personal stickers come with name but they can also be made plain if required by any individual consumer.

·         They last till the product lasts as they are not easy to remove from the adhered surface. Due to this quality, these labels have also become a way of marketing the product.

The myth behind personalized stickers is they are costly as compared to normal stickers. The cost behind personalizing a sticker is almost nothing as they also save the time of writing, coding, etc. Shrink Labels has been into this business for almost more than three decades and have proved this myth false on regular intervals.

Get Personalized Stickers with us:

Our journey to the helm of affairs has been appreciated regularly by industry peers. We happily announce that motto behind the inception of Shrink Labels is being achieved continuously. Following are the virtues which take us ahead of our competitors:

·         Shrink Labels is the second name of quality clubbed with low cost. We give the most cost competitive personalized name labels of packaging industry.

·         On-time delivery is our forte. We honour our every commitment regarding delivery, cost and quality of the stickers.

·         Our experience has assisted us to understand the market completely which gives indirect benefits to our patron.

Shrink Labels is famous worldwide for its cheap personalized labels. Place an order and be a witness of ‘low cost and high quality’.

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