Heat Shrink Sleeve


The world is changing rapidly. So does the taste, needs, wants and preferences of the consumers. We are confident that for ruling the market, it is quite mandatory to get into the nerves of the customers. The way of productions as well as packaging has changed a lot. Shrink Labels is a group of experienced professionals working for perfect packaging of various products. We are more than three decades old company since 1980 making our presence felt in the arena of professional packaging of different items such as bottles, cosmetic, etc.

Real essence of shrink sleeves: 

Heat shrink sleeves are one of the latest techniques used for packaging. If you are looking for labeling of intricate shaped bottles or any other shape, heat shrink sleeving is highly recommended for these purposes. The heat shrink film is first prepared as per the design prescribed by the patron, which is sole responsibility of heat shrink manufacturer. Once the design has been prepared, it becomes quite easy to cut it into desired shape and then applied on the surface. The property of heat shrink film facilitates the user to get with the surface of the product’s container. The salient features of heat shrink sleeveing, which has made it the most common choice among the users of industrial packaging items are as follows:  

·         The designs are easy to customize. The design of the label can be replicated as required.

·         The cost of heat shrink bags is very low as compared to the quality of the labels and attractiveness it creates among the consumers.

·         It can be applied on any shape or size. The size may range anywhere from a bottle to a FMCG item.

·         The 360 degree application of these labels makes it the most famous and sought in the industry as labels for packaging.

·         The ready to use and attractiveness of these labels is among the most startling attributes of labels. Heat shrink plastic is the most usable packaging material in the present era of industry.

Benefits from Shrink Labels:

Shrink Labels is committed for continuous innovative process in the field of industrial packaging techniques. We have been working in packaging industry since 1980 and our experience has assisted us in the evolution of different methods of heat shrink sleeving. Although there are plenty of heat shrink suppliers, our following specialties have helped us to hurl Shrink Labels at the topmost rung of the ladder:

·         Experienced professionals

·         Cost competitive products with best quality

·         We can be assessed with a single click on your website

·         Customized labels in terms of color, size and other parameters

If you are thinking to buy heat shrink sleeves, you are at the right place.

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