Full Body Shrink Sleeves


Shrink sleeves are widely used for packaging purposes. Shrink Labels is a group of professionals working in the field of packaging materials for last 30 years. Full body shrink sleeve labels are recommended for intricate shaped containers which cannot be wrapped by normal labels. Full body sleeve labels are attractive too as they enhance the outer appearance of the produce. The whole motive behind the use of shrink sleeves is to get the best look in an affordable price range.

Packaging with Sleeves:

The evolution in marketing and increased competition has an impact on discovery of full body stickers. They are the most widely used labels in the industry. Some of the salient features due to which industry leaders prefer full body shrink labels are written underneath:

·         They can be used for every unique size bottles. Heat shrink bottle sleeves have the ability of heat shrinking. The labels due to their heating property get glued to the surface of the product holder thus giving an outstanding appeal and appearance.

·         They can be used over every shape such as food item containers, cosmetics, personal care, etc. They cover the whole body of the container and thus can also be used for light sensitive materials protection.

·         Full body stickers come in different materials such as PVC, PLA etc.

·         However, it is worth mentioning that full body shrink labels have the ability and affinity to stick with metals as well as non metals. This enhances their knowledge of application.

·         Full body sleeves labels can be made with a great colour combination. They give reflection of almost every possible colour combination. As they are easy to produce and test, pilot project can easily be run with these sleeves.

Full body shrink labels are used in the same manner as the self adhesive labels are used. The major difference is the gamut of purposes, heat shrink bottle sleeves serve. The ease of use, attractiveness and 360 degree coverage by full body sleeve labels have made them a huge hit among the users.

Our Specialty Your Benefit:

 Shrink Labels has been serving shrink sleeve seeker for more than three decades. Our long experience, talented team of professionals and urge for continuous innovation has assisted us to serve our customers more effectively. Some of the attributes we possess:

·         Low price and best quality.

·         Customization of labels as per the consumers’ requirement.

·         Years of long experience assist in designing of labels.

·         We have a variety of inks and printing processes which eventually helps in customization.

·         We make the intricate design look like a simple one.

Shrink Labels is not only an organization which earns profit, it earns customers’ trust.


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