Customized Stickers


Customization of any product or service has its own advantages. On one hand, it gives the feel of ‘exclusively for you’; on the very other moment, some people take customization as a medium of spending more money. We break the myth of ‘more money required in customization’ in packaging industry. Shrink Labels is an organization preparing customized stickers for its patron since 1980. If you want to customized labels as per your need, you are on the right page.

Customize Your Labels:

The urge to get the stickers suiting to product theme, gave birth to Shrink Labels in 1980. We are the pioneer of customized stickers industry. It is advisable to have custom stickers for your produce as one single design of labels cannot cater to the demand of the entire industry. There lie numerous benefits of customized labels some of which are worth mentioning:

·         Custom logo stickers can be used and design as per the product or service. As it is very necessary to have whole product in tandem with the theme of purpose, customized label stickers add a new avenue to this criteria.

·         These labels can be plain, printed or special shaped. While the printed labels can be used for predefined purposes such as price, instructing, etc, clear custom labels have their own benefits. The shape of these labels can be rectangular, oval, circular etc.

·         The custom labels are multi-purpose. They can be used almost everywhere even for putting the tag of quality test, machine number and so on.

·         The most common use of these labels can be seen in beverage, FMCG and packaging industry as it is mandatory to paste the stickers on product packing to indicate specifications of the product.

·         Custom labels stickers can be used on pilot project basis. Once the successful run of pilot project is commenced, wholesale custom stickers can be ordered. This reduces the cost of testing considerably.

There is no dispute that presentation has become a pivotal point in product marketing and customized labels can be treated as a crucial point of this pivot.

“Our” Customized Stickers: 

Our more than three decade old experience in customization of labels has given us ample exposure to complete any project successfully. While there are plenty of suppliers, certain reasons why Shrink Labels has been preferred over others are listed below:

·         We give a perfect blend of reasonable price and quality. Our customer-oriented approach has made us cynosure of packaging industry.

·         We believe in long term commitment and we bolster the fact with after sales services and customer’s valuable feedback.

‘Continuous innovation to facilitate our customer’ has been our motto; quality with lowest price our identity…

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