Custom Printed Labels


Labels have become an indelible part of any product. The price, instructions and many other features are to be written on these labels. Printed stickers are the most prevalent labels these days. The huge potential, growing demand and scarcity of quality printed stickers instigated Shrink Labels to start a separate venture in 1980. Shrink Labels is a UK based and having its presence worldwide. We provide shrink sleeves for our esteemed clientele and custom printing labels has been the forte of our citadel right from the inception of this endeavour. If you are looking for custom printed stickers, we assure you are on the right page.

Custom printed label stickers are not new to industry. They are in use from years. Custom printed stickers have an upper hand from plain stickers. Printed stickers contain necessary details such as specifications, price, model number and many other details about an individual product. We happily list out the advantages custom printed labels have:

·         As they are customized, the designing and printing can be done as per the product’s theme.

·         Printed stickers are available in various shapes and colours. Depending upon the product and location, custom printed stickers can be in oval, rectangle or other shapes.

·         They can be made available in plain format wherever required. The desired instructions can be written over non-printed stickers.

·         They can be used for pre-launch run on sample basis. If particular logos or stickers do not lure the consumers, they can be replaced by custom printed stickers. This eventually lowers the cost of testing and enhances the decision making capacity in sticker application cases.

·         The most amazing feature of custom printed labels is their application on intricate shapes. When heat property of custom printing stickers is used, they last for a long duration emancipating a perfect finish.

The marketers cater to different segments and to fulfil the needs of these heterogeneous groups, customization is the panacea.

Come with us

We, at Shrink Labels, have been catering to this market for a long time. The salient features of our services in packaging industry are as follows:

·         Always low price strategy: However, the low price strategy does not compel us to lower our quality.

·         On-time delivery: Be it any part of the planet, we deliver our product within the promised deadline.

·         Experienced team: We have a team of experienced and young professionals. The fusion of experience with youth vigour gives a fantabulous result.

We believe in long-term relationship and our list of clients is a testimony of the same. Thus, come and join us.

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