PVC shrink films are being used for multiple purposes in today’s era. Gone are the days when PVC was only utilized for making carry bags only; the urge of continuous maximum resource utilization has made it first choice among the packaging industry personnel.


The world is changing rapidly. So does the taste, needs, wants and preferences of the consumers. We are confident that for ruling the market, it is quite mandatory to get into the nerves of the customers. The way of productions as well as 


The importance of effective appearance should never be ignored. However, more the sophisticated product more is the need to get the shrink sleeve labels. Heat shrink sleeve labels are the stickers which basically function on the principal of heat property of the material used. 


Shrink sleeves are widely used for packaging purposes. Shrink Labels is a group of professionals working in the field of packaging materials for last 30 years. Full body shrink sleeve labels are recommended for intricate shaped containers which cannot be wrapped by 


Shrink Labels is an organization working in the field of heat shrink sleeve labels manufacturing since 1980. Change is the only constant thing in business and customers’ mindset. Everyone would second the fact that customer attention is 


Appearance does make a difference. We are convinced it does. Be it the ‘handle with care’ label price logo or plain stickers for writing any instructions; they all have become a mandatory part of any product packaging. However, different types of 

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