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Packaging is a backbone of marketing industry. Isn’t it? Everyone would admit this fact and we do second this fact. However, to get rid of non-impressive packaging and designing of new effective stickers is a Herculean task. Shrink sleeves address this problem of marketers. Shrink Labels, an organization supplying labels, stickers, tamper evident seals and logos and much more has been working in shrink sleeve industry for last three decades. Under the aegis of skilled and expert professionals, the organization has leaped the whole path and galloping on the chariot of success for more than 20 years.

What we produce?

We provide following types of stickers and labels to our esteemed client base:

Soap labels, shrink bags, cosmetic labels, heat shrink sleeves, shrinkwrap, pvc shrink film etc. 

The list of our products goes on increasing as the life of company increases. We happily list the attributes due to which heat shrink sleeving is so popular in the industry:

·         They do not need any adhesives as they are heat treated. Due to heating property of PVC or other materials used in manufacturing of these printed labels, they stick to the surface they are applied to.

·         The process is quite simple right from printing up to end. The simple process requires less time of production and these labels become readily available.

·         Label printing is done in such a manner that it lasts till the product lasts because printed labels are not glued to the surface instead, they are heat treated.

·         Shrink sleeve gives the best finish. The labels so made are the most attractive as well as durable.

·         Prices of custom labels are almost zero compared to the long lasting impact they create in customer’s mind.

·         These shrink sleeves are more environment-friendly than the normal labels.

Our Expertise - Your Benefit:

However, it is not only the technology that puts Shrink Labels ahead of its competitors. Our customer-orientated approach, low cost, high quality standards - these are some of the salient attributes we are proud of. We give our customers ample reasons to prefer us over the other label manufacturers:                            

·         We have an experienced team having a mixture of enthusiastic as well as veterans. Any intricate shape bottle can be labelled by us in the desired format. The heat shrink labels we produce are at par with the world class quality. Lower cost of production is an added advantage.

·         The shrink sleeves we produce have longer life than others. They last till the product lasts. As they are produced with environment factors being taken care, they produce lesser damage to the atmosphere when disposed.

·         Our technologically advanced website and order placing system become a luring point for our existing clients.

We are here to create your own brand. Come and help us!!!

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