Personal Care

The world has changed a lot since the inception of marketing. Customer’s purchase does not always depend upon the usage of the produce, so many extra attributes play a pivotal role in the process of decision making - packaging being one of the most important of all those. Shrink sleeves are the most common packaging material used nowadays. We, at Shrink Labels, a United Kingdom based shrinkwrap producing company, tries to concentrate all our efforts towards personal care product market in this particular page. Personal care products as we all know are the products seeking very good attention of customers and usually marketing of the same largely depends upon the outer appearance of the item.

Expertise in Personal Care:

We have been performing cosmetic personal care packaging in the industry since 1980. We are preferred as a heat shrink sleeve producer, tamper evident shrink label supplier, private label manufacturer and one-stop solution for every possible packaging challenge over our competitors. We also provide shrink bags, personal care items’ packaging, food and beverage labelling and many other services to our esteemed client base. While performing label production of personal care items, some of the salient points we consider important are as follows:

·         Customization of labels and stickers as per the shape, size and features of the product filled in the vessel. Shrink Labels also assists its customers in designing of the logo if asked by the patrons.

·         The logos, stickers, labels, etc so produced should be in tandem with the theme of the product. Plain or printed labels can be produced as per the requirement of the consumers.

·         The labels so produced are given complete attention during the whole process. The printing can be done even in eight colours. The entire printing is decided by the producers and we replicate the carbon copy of your requirement.

·         Cosmetic labels play a vital role during the purchase process and we do admit this fact. The labels produced work on a specific feature of heating property of the raw material used.

·         The first label produced is matched with the size and shape of the bottle on which it is to be applied. The test run is also done and if the customer orders, pilot project running of these labels can be done. Once the pilot project offers good response, the launching of these stickers can be done on mass production basis.

Shrink Labels has commuted a long way from a mediocre company of 1980’s to the industry leader of 2012. We entrust our huge success to our diligent and innovative employee base along with the loyal and encouraging customer base spread throughout this planet. We facilitate our patron 24x7 through our official website. Just give us a click and we will reach to you.

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