Household Products

Shrink Labels provides shrink sleeves for household products such as daily used items, containers, etc. The quality being the most vital forte of our organization, we try to exhibit it in each single produce of ours. We are able to produce soap labels, cosmetic labels, cd shrink wrap etc. The UV and heat property of raw material used in producing shrink film is kept intact through the tenure of a project. Our tenacious attitude towards high quality and affordable price has assisted us to attain and thereafter retain the spot of industry leader in shrink sleeve packaging industry.

Shrink Sleeving for Household products: 

Heat shrink wrap seem to be a difficult task for a novice but for Shrink Labels, this is a passion. We are manufacturing shrink sleeve for household products since 1980 - the year of our inception. Be it a big intricate sized container or a small vessel, a cosmetic item or bathroom soap - we deliver each kind of labels. While associating with us to have shrink sleeves for daily used items, our patrons avail following benefits:

·         The label can be printed with the latest technology available. Most of the times, we print it flexographically.

·         If you do not need any print over the label, a white or normal shrink label can also be produced.

·         Shrink Labels produce heat shrink wrap in 8 colours. The colour range covers almost every pattern which can be altered as per special requirement of the user.

·         The biggest challenge is continuous innovation. We happily announce to overcome this hurdle in the last three decades.

·         Shrink sleeve for household products can be back printed if required. The printing is done to suit you.

·         We take special care of raw material as it should be tear-free and anti-corrosive. This consideration enhances the life of sticker being used and affects the life of product container in a positive manner.

·         Depending upon the requirement of a particular product, the shrink strength of sticker can range from high to medium.

·         Not to mention 360 degree graphics, it gives to overall outlook of the produce. 

Cosmetic labels can also be produced with the help of our latest technology in packaging sector. Tamper evident shrink sleeves for daily used products also come under our ken. Manufacturing of label depends completely upon the product theme, its image in customers’ minds and uses. However, we ensure to strengthen the perceived image of your product in front of the customers.

Shrink Labels is working efficiently for the last three decades in packaging industry and we are committed to enhance the quality of our produce on regular basis. Give us a click and help us to serve you better.


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