Shrink Labels has been working for packaging industry for last three decades. We have been catering different sectors such as food, beverage, cosmetic and many more. The use of heat shrink sleeve is growing at a very faster rate due to increasing demands of the customers. Our food packaging labels are in demand from the time we started their production. The shrink sleeve labels used for food items should always be taken special care. This page aims to assist our customers looking for heat shrink sleeve labels and tamper evident shrink labels.

Special Packaging for Food Items:

Shrink labels are the most common packaging methodology used in the industry. The heat shrink wrap packaging can be used to almost every container. The study shows that packaging plays the most pivotal role while making the first impression in customer’s mind. However, a perfect image about the food item can be produced with a perfect outer appearance. We make sure that compliance with following standards is maintained strictly while shrink sleeving food items:

·         A close supervision of the whole process is done.

·         The design of the label is tested for customer satisfaction and if any discrepancy is found, the same is communicated to the patron.

·         Shrinkwrap can be used for full body or partially. The 360 degree covering heat shrink labels are so produced to cover the entire surface of the product.

·         As this is especially about food packaging labels, the raw material of label is wet, corrosion resistant and has some other quality necessary to be a food label.

·         The labels can be printed in eight colours depending upon the choice of the customer.

·         The specially cut labels reduce the cost of production and waste which ultimately benefits our end users.

·         The other mechanical works such as dye printing, etc. can also be done on the label.

·         The printing can be done in both the ways either old traditional method or back printing. The options are exercised depending upon the theme and use of individual product.

·       Customization is a fabulous thing to be done. It opens the door of possibilities and gives the marketer cutting edge over his competitors. The stickers so produced can be used for test run and on successful completion of the test run, mass production is preferred.

As heat shrink labels can be used almost everywhere, the use of these labels is spreading beyond the premises of food items. Food items can have an opaque or transparent sticker - a custom printed label or a plain one. The choice eventually depends upon our customer. We are just a medium with some technical skills and experience who can produce “whatever type of label is desired”.  

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