Shrink Labels is a United Kingdom based organization working in the field of packaging since 1980. During the company’s life of more than three decades, we are able to resolve some of the core issues related to shrink packaging such as shrink sleeves, tamper evident seals and many more. Heat shrink sleeves have been adding new dimensions to the world of packaging for quite some time and we happily announce to be a part of the same phenomenon.

Where we use it? 

Although shrink sleeve can be used multi purposely, the most rapid uses of shrinkwrap is seen in labelling of intricate shaped containers. However complicated be the shape of bottle, packaging experts suggest shrink sleeves for effective and attractive logo over the bottle. The bottle labelling machine used to produce heat shrink sleeves function on a simple concept of heating property of PVC material utilized in manufacturing labels. These labels also give aesthetic look to the beverage’s bottles. Beverage shrink sleeve gets adhered to the surface of the bottle without the use of any adhesive. The heat property of label material makes it fit for heat treatment.

Use for Beverage Bottles:

Most of the beverage bottles come in intricate yet attractive shapes. In that case, the role of heat shrink sleeves becomes pivotal. They are designed as per the requirement of the customer and cut into parts such that to cover 360 degree of the bottle being used. The cut parts are applied on the surface of the vessel and a simple heat treatment glues them with the container and gives an impression of eternal printing. Thus, produced logos or labels make the beverage bottle more attractive in a reasonable price. Here, we illustrate the attributes of beverage shrink sleeve in a concise manner:

·         It can be used almost on every shape be it a simple rectangle or an intricate octagonal jigsaw puzzle.

·         The printing so done lasts till the product lasts - not to forget the aesthetic looks that it gives to the bottle.

·         The printing is done on the inner side of the label which does not get distorted after application.

·         It is more environment-friendly than orthodox methods of packaging.

·         The design of the sticker can be customized suiting the customer’s requirement and very easy to change whenever required.

·         The beverage shrink sleeve can be used for tamper proofing on demand. This tamper evident shrink sleeving protects the bottle. 

Shrink Labels is one of the pioneer organizations in the field of packaging. We are well-known for our customized services and world class quality in the cheapest possible prices. If you are looking for beverage shrink sleeve supplier, you are definitely on the right page.  

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