Shrink Sleeve Application

An attractive presentation ensures customers’ interest for the product or service. However, cost hinders the way for most of the marketers towards an attractive outer appearance. We are convinced that everyone would second this fact. We, at Shrink Labels, have been paving the way for a cost effective way in the form of shrink sleeve packaging since 1980.


Growing Trends in Shrink Sleeve Packaging:

Shrink sleeve is the fastest growing packaging technique being used all over the industry sectors. The shrink sleeve application can be done on different shapes be it a simple bottle, a rectangle or any other intricate shape. The growing use of the modern shrink application has many cutting advantages. The labels made with the help of shrink wrap applications fits the shape quite smoothly and produce the feel of internal embossing. This labelling application has following features, which makes it unique and the most preferred technique of packaging:

·         The wrap application is very cost effective as compared to other methods of packaging. The price of producing these sleeve application based labels is cheaper than other common methods.

·         The finishing of these labels is quite attractive as they are treated with inherent heat quality rather than the older methods of using adhesives.

·         Shrink Labels produces labels by shrink wrap applications that can be used in multi-colour or plain design. The customization of these labels’ design can be done as per the need of the customer.

·         Shrink Labels use the most modern and technically efficient method for labelling application. The colour of the sleeve can be clear, white or coloured. These labels can be tried on a pilot project basis and makes the amendments easier to be done.

·         The printing can be standard or custom painted. Customization of the shrink sleeves suiting to shape, size, theme and other features of the product or service is the most amazing feature of heat shrink application. Even it is possible to have motley of colours in a single label.

·         It is possible to coat with a matte finish using full coverage.

The list of benefits of heat shrink application is endless. The abundant use of this method is the living testimony of the salient attributes of shrink sleeve labels.

Shrink Wrap Application with us:

Shrink Labels has been a pioneer of the heat shrink applicators all over the world. The factors responsible for our immense success are:

·         The experience of more than 30 years has helped us to get into the nerve of the end users.

·         We have a long list of professionals who work for continuous innovative methods in the field of shrink sleeve packaging.

We are completely dedicated for our customer-oriented services and products. We invite you to the “Shrink Labels family”. Come and be our part.



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