Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves

The company Shrink Labels was established in 1980 for facilitating the producers in packaging their products. The world of marketing changed and Shrink Labels adopted the newest technologies at the fastest rate possible. However, owing to the demand of attractive packaging of the product at the cheapest rates, we entered the podium of shrink sleeving - easiest to be done and yet effective to enhance the outer appearance of the product; finally strengthening the desire of the consumers to purchase your produce.

We and shrink wrap sleeves:

We pierced the market of shrink sleeve packaging concentrating on the preferences of our patron. PVC shrink sleeve is the most common method of packaging used by wise producers and marketers. The shrink wrap sleeves function on the simple concept of heat shrinking. The printing done on the inner side of the labels ensures the eternal effect lasting until the product bottle lasts. The heat property of PVC is used to enhance the appearance of the labels used on the surface of the bottles, containers or other surfaces. Shrink sleeves for bottles can be seen in regular practice in industrial products and FMCG industry. However, we assume it is the responsibility of a shrink sleeve manufacturer to ensure the perfect amalgamation of design and theme of the produce with the label of the container. Shrink sleeves have following attributes that put it ahead of other packaging methods in the fray of competition:

·         It produces the desired quality with minimal cost. The cost of producing a PVC shrink sleeve is almost negligible when compared to the quality and long-lasting impact it creates.

·         Shrink sleeve material is highly compatible with virtually every item on the Earth. It makes shrink sleeves usable on any surface be it metallic or non-metallic.

·         Shrink wrap film can be coloured with a mottle of colours or can be plain. It can be customized with the demands of the consumers.

·         This method gives the 360 degree impact on the surface of the container.

·         The most amazing feature of shrink sleeve packaging is - it can be used on intricate shapes where it becomes impossible to wrap a normal label on the product’s container. Shrink Sleeves so produced give a super finishing touch to the product.    

Why only Shrink Labels? 

The market is full up to the brim with a sleuth of shrink sleeve manufacturer. Despite this fact, we are able to project ourselves as the most trustworthy supplier of shrink sleeves. Shrink Labels is on the zenith of suppliers’ list due to its dedicated team of professionals, innovation and customer oriented services. The patron has eulogized us for our unfaltering and defect-free processing of orders.

We believe in bolstering our claims with our deeds. Come and see how…


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