Shrink Sleeve Process

Shrink Sleeves Process

Shrink sleeve is the most common and readily acceptable method of promoting your product. The concept is very simple yet effective. The advertisement in the form of label when put on the container, bottle or any intricate shaped product adheres to the shape and due to its thermo-sensitiveness adheres to the surface thus producing the super finishing effect of the label.

We -“Shrink Labels”:

Shrink Labels is an organization working in the production of effective shrink sleeve process adopted labels since 1980. We have presence all over the world, which can be accessed through simple click on our website. The shrinking process of the labels produced is due to heat sensitivity of the material used in label manufacturing which get gelled with the intricate shape of the container of the produce.

Process of manufacturing shrink sleeves:

Shrink wrap process is one of the latest techniques used by many marketers to promote their products. The labelling process used in shrink labelling is a common example of heating property of the material and heat shrink process. The shrink fitting process is a method starting from film rolls and ending by applying the heat shrink on the bottle or other complex shaped product. The film roll is sent to flexo printing machine which after mechanical process of forming and seaming goes for cutting process. The customized logo formed as per the wish of the patron is cut into required shapes. These cut labels are applied on the bottle and the heat shrinking process is done over the surface of the shape. The above process is generally defined as the heat shrinking process adopted by Shrink Labels. The shrinking process so adopted obviously gives a perfect blend of product appearance clubbed with theme of the product, which eventually helps in luring the customer for buying the product.

Our “extra” services:

Shrink Labels is more than three decades old company working in the field of shrink labels. However, it is not only the shrink labels which help us to make our presence felt in the arena of industrial shrink label manufacturing process but a perfect mix of quality, price and innovation. We assure following attributes in our product:

·         Shrink Labels is famous for “the cheapest price with the best quality”. Our continuous innovative processes merged with the latest technology make us the cynosure of label making industry.

·         The experience of more than 30 years assists us to get the nerve of end users and market. The designs provided for labelling process are made with maximum resource utilization.

·         Our repeat clientele is the testimony of customers’ unwavering faith on Shrink Labels.

We can be easily accessed. Just visit our website and make the wonders happen.

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